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  • Demcin Cold and Flu,
  • Demo 650,
  • Demo-Aquafine,
  • Demo-Asthalin Forte,
  • Demobumane,
  • Democadet,
  • Democin
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Nuvro Technologies : At - A - Glance

Founded since 2007, Interactive System Technologies headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), India, presently acknowledged as, Nuvro Technologies has been providing real-time business solutions to major public and private sector organizations. Spanning with diversified industry segments including pharmaceuticals, textiles, heavy engineering, Food, FMCG to mention a few. Nuvro's tech know-how experience extents to various domains including SCM, B2B, B2C Sales & distribution, Ecommerce and Operational MIS. Nuvro commenced with an aspiration to bring in futuristic technology along with global standards of process with not only design, development & projects implementations for diversified industrial verticals many of these projects but also in conjunction with the present innovative and technological revolutionary trend setting.
Nuvro's major strength lies in its capability to deliver Pre-customized, Pre-configured Real-time business solutions over Generic Global ERP solutions with a focus on the Indian Pharmaceutical industry, Nuvro Technologies launched its flagship product Navayush© and takes the pride, for its ownership being protected under the copyright law.
Navayush©, an innovative, intelligent, trustworthy and completely automated real-time healthcare solution, which through succession of preference provides every user with the personalized medical information associated symptoms. It has a perfect blend of Enterprise Resource Planning, Sales & Distribution and Business Intelligence solution providing Supply Chain Management, B2B and B2C verticals for pharmaceutical companies with proven to be a mature and stable solution, real time the sales and marketing requirements of pharmaceutical majors. Today, several pharmaceutical manufacturers at the national and international level are dependent on market survey companies and spending exorbitant budgets and struggling to procure authenticated market position and cater to the larger demographics. The product is globally reachable with unique and innovative SaaS features. It cuts out a huge chunk of invisible costs that would be involved in deploying standard, legacy ERP systems, which would require extensive customization, delays in roll out, and issues related to continuously evolve business requirements.
Amit Mahimkar has more than 20 years of experience from various segments. He initiated his career with Pharmaceutical Industry and has diversified, achieving various domain expertise of Information Technology. In his current role his leadership experience includes corporate governance, customer relationship management, and organization strategy. In his overall tenure he has won various awards for the highly professional performance and consistent contribution towards the application development, Undertaking and completing tasks beyond the Call of Duty, for the different Internal CRM Business Applications solutions and various token of appreciation.
Navayush© is a Brain child of Amit Mahimkar (originator). He has earned unique and perfect blend of Information Technology and Pharmacy. From the day of inception way back in the year 1997, he has worked single handedly, meticulously and dedicatedly in conceptualizing and developing Navayush© as solution towards noble and humanity to help people. Over a period of 15+ years, the project has evolved and is in existence for half decade and more.
Amit has earned his educational and professional expertise as Pharmacist, Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council, Mumbai.
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